Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Treats in Sequoia Lane (Limerick)

I have been the proud owner of a pair of pink-patterned wellington boots for nigh-on three years now. In the 1000+ days of our courtship, my wellies and I have had great times - concerts, shows, cleaning out sheds...they even featured in a charity calendar at one stage!

Alas, last Saturday, a terrible thing happened. Well two terrible things to be precise. The right welly sprung a leak. And then, to add to my misery, the left one joined in in sympathy. What are the odds!

Anyway, today I decided to go and invest in a pair of 'sensible' wellies (i.e. green or black, and preferably waterproof) so off I headed to Sequoia Lane,, in Limerick City where they stock the famed "Hunter" wellies.

What a beautiful store Sequoia Lane is - packed to the rafters with beautiful, funky interiors, clothes, sweetie treats from Pandora Bell,, Clodagh McKenna's apron range,, beautiful recipe books and many more lovely things.

And after all my talk of Hunter wellies, I clean forgot about them and instead purchased a selection of handmade cards, two ornate Christmas decorations, and...ahem...some sweet treats for my dogs!

When I went up to the counter, to pay for my goods, I was offered a Sequoia Lane Loyalty Card. (Wait a minute, that's the second time this week!) Their loyalty card scheme is actually very good. You earn a "stamp" for every €25 spent, and after €225 you receive a €15 voucher. Handy in the run-up to Christmas for sure.

As for the wellies, I shall invest in a good pair of Hunters this week and return with a review.

Yours in style,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brown Thomas Loyalty Card

Last Sunday I ventured up to the 2nd floor of Brown Thomas in Limerick to buy a set of pots and pans, plus "fluffy towels" (their towels really are just so gosh-darn fluffy).

Upon arriving at the check-out with my pots, pans and fluffy towels in tow, I got the surprise of my life. Not only was every one of the above-mentioned items marked 50% off, but I was asked did I have a Brown Thomas Loyalty Card.

I paused for a moment, afraid that I might have misheard. Surely this was too good to be true. Did she mean a gift card...or maybe a BT credit card??

"A Brown Thomas Loyalty Card", I repeated, cautiously.

"Yes", replied the amused assistant, "we launched it last week; you get one point for every euro you spend, plus extra points on your birthday".

"Arrrghaa are you serious! It's my birthday on Tuesday, sign me up quick", I exclaimed with wide-eyed delight!

And so, the long-term relationship between Brown Thomas and I has been made official, and I am now the proud owner of a shiny, sleek Brown Thomas Loyalty Card.

As if I need any further encouragement to shop in BTs! Look out for future posts on my burgeoning addiction to MAC eyeshadows, DKNY knit dresses, fluffy towels etc.

Yours in style,

You can register at any Brown Thomas store, or online at

Catch us on Facebook

Things are getting very techie around the Style By Caroline office of late...

Earlier this week I pressed the green light on this blog, and now I'm delighted to tell you about our new Facebook page!

I would put a link up to it haven't figured out how to do it just yet! Anyway, if you're a regular Facebooker I'm sure you already the score; log onto Facebook, type in "Style By Caroline" and, hopefully, you'll find us.

I'll put up photos of all our photoshoots, press clippings etc, on the Facebook page, plus invitations to all upcoming events. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve any of our technological services (website / blog / Facebook), don't be shy in dropping me an email / comment.

Yours in style,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ta dah!

Welcome e-friends, to the official Style By Caroline blog!

It's the "little sister", so to speak, of our main website (where we tell you all about our personal and group styling services, make-up services, upcoming events etc...the bread and butter stuff).

Here though is where all the fun stuff happens! Expect plenty of style tips such as how to wear the latest seasonal trends, honest product reviews, info on all the latest style happenings and whatever else springs to mind...maybe recipes, match reports, solutions to leaving cert algebra equasions...

Eh, well, we can't make any promises on the maths front, but if you have any fashion queries or style dilemmas ("stylemmas" if you will), please get in touch and we'll be sure to answer them here.

Yours in style,