Monday, September 20, 2010

Ploughing C'Ships Style

For the next 3 days, I will be moving my style HQ to a field in Athy, Co. Kildare.

Yes, you read that correctly. But, this ain’t no ordinary field, for this is the site of the largest annual trade exhibition in ireland – the National Ploughing Championships.

For the uninitiated, the annual Ploughing Championships is a huge 3-day festival which celebrates the best of Irish country life. As the name suggests, the event draws the best sod-turners in the land – but you could spend 3 days walking around the site and not see a plough, so huge is the site! Whether you’re into cookery, gardening, health, well-being, lifestyle, interior design, building, music or style, you’re bound to find an exhibit that appeals to you.

If you are intending to head to the show, be sure to follow this piece of advice to the letter; dress appropriately. If Met Éireann are to be believed, we’ll see all four seasons over the next few days, so be sure to bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing with you. This is not the place for high heels and fascinators – even if you do have aspirations of winning the best dressed lady competition.

I will be working at stand K205 at the show, with my family’s business – Adare Machinery. Strictly speaking, my job for the next few days is to sell tractors (back to my roots!) but I’ll be bringing a bit of style to the event too, so if you’re around, be sure to pop in and say hello. Our stand is located very close to RTÉ, in the hub of all the action.


Wellies: I’d love to wear colourful boots but the farming fraternity simply won’t take me to their hearts unless I’m wearing the industry standard black or green wellies! Whatever colour you choose, make sure that your boots are comfortable, or you’ll know all about it later on when your feet are in agony from all the walking. Likewise, for extra comfort and warmth, I suggest you wear thick long socks underneath – ski socks are ideal.

Derwent Wellies €79

Derwent Muck Boots, €79 (from

Navy Jeggings: These always look great tucked into snug boots. I’ll be wearing my reliable €12 pairs from Dunnes Stores but I also like the look of these stretchy denim leggings from South at Littlewoods.

South leggings

South Denim Leggings, €29 (from

Jumper: I’ll be wearing my Adare Machinery fleece with pride, but I’ll spare a thought for this Love Label cable-knit jumper, which epitomises this season’s love-affair with knitwear. Wrap a belt around the waist for an instant slimming effect.

Love Label Cable Knit

Love Label Cable-knit Jumper, €49 (from

Coat: I’ll be relying on my trusty fleece to keep me cozy, but if I was off-duty, I would jump at the chance of wearing this gorgeous Fuse By Preen herringbone coat, which I think personifies country chic.

Fuse By Preen

Fuse By Preen Herringbone Coat, €124 (from

Hat: A warm hat is a must, and continuing with the tweedy theme, here’s a rather lovely baker-boy hat, again from Littlewoods:

Herringbone Hat

Herringbone Hat €19 (from

Bag: A large bag, with a cross-body strap is a must for the Ploughing. You will need something sizeable to store all your purchases (believe me, it’s impossible to negotiate though the food-halls without indulging in some sweet treats), and a cross-body strap will make your bag more comfortable to carry for the day. Choose a waterproof style, that is easy to clean afterwards.

Organiser Umbrella Bag €32

Organiser Umbrella Bag, €32 (from

It would be a good idea to bring umbrella, scarf, gloves and probably sunglasses too, given the mixed forecast; nonetheless, whatever the weather, it’s bound to be a wonderful event as always. Here’s to a great few days in Kildare!

Yours in style,

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Charity Begins at Home

They say that charity begins at home…

Well there are a few “charities” that have their eyes set on my home, that’s for sure!

Every day I’m being bombarded by leaflets and stickers from so-called charities seeking donations of clothes. These leaflets are usually dropped through the letterbox during the night, so I’ve yet to actually meet any of these kind-hearted samaritans face-to-face and quiz them on their charitable endeavours.

‘Junkmail’ like this has been a bugbear of mine for some time, but I hadn’t quite realised how serious and rampant a social issue it is until Anne Doyle delivered a solemn news report regarding same on last night’s 9pm news.

Did you know that the vast majority of these nocturnal paper-pushers are NOT charities – they are commercial rag merchants hoping to take advantage of your goodwill! Indeed this problem has become so prevalent that the Irish Charity Shops Association has drawn up a set of guidelines to help you identify whether a door-to-door collector is a legitimate charity or not.


Observe the ISCA ‘coat-hanger’ logo on the left

If you receive a leaflet or sticker through your door and you want to establish whether it is from a genuine charity shop, you need to examine the following:

Remember, if in doubt, throw it out!

Yours in style,

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How to Wear leggings

Today’s Stylemma comes from a Style by Caroline Facebook subscriber who has asked me to cover the topic of leggings. ‘Cover’ being the operative word, as the coverage provided by leggings – or lack thereof – can be a source of contention, confusion and condemnation!

Leggings – Style Sense or Style Menace?

When worn correctly, leggings are a brilliant wardrobe staple, especially approaching the cold Winter months. For instance, I love mine tucked into a pair of cozy boots. They can be worn by women of all ages; however, as you mature, I recommend that you steer towards plain, high-quality styles.

Can I Wear Leggings?

Almost everyone can wear leggings. The trick is to know HOW to wear them.

How to Wear Leggings?

  • Coverage: Leggings are tricky to wear under regular-length tops, as they can make normal-sized and broad-sized legs look chunky, and skinny legs look sparrow-like! In my opinion, leggings generally look best worn under a dress, tunic or long top. Make sure that the hem of your top finishes at a flattering point on the leg. (For example, if you are pear-shaped, avoid lengths that finish right at the hips / widest part of the thigh. Instead, bring the hem down a few inches to a slimmer part of the leg.)
  • Colour: Dark colours are slimming; so, if you are looking for leaner legs, I suggest that you choose darker shades such as black, navy, grey etc. If you have slender legs, then have fun with brighter colours.
  • Pattern: I think that patterned / textured / distressed leggings are best suited to young or legs. It’s also worth bearing in mind that pattern will draw attention and may make your legs appear broader.
  • Fabric: One of the major benefits of leggings is that they can be extremely comfortable to wear. Choose a fabric with stretch in it, which will offer plenty of ‘give’ as well as support. Avoid fabrics that are tight or inflexible. Similarly, avoid ‘wet look’ or shiny fabrics if you are over a certain age, or if your legs are in any way broad.
  • Waistline: I favour high-waisted styles, as they are very comfortable, unlikely to slip and they ‘flatten out’ the lower tummy.
  • Length: Make sure that the leggings finish at a slim point on your leg. Often, just under the knee or just under the calf are narrow points. To make your legs look longer, pair them with a matching colour shoe or boot.
  • Footwear: The good news is that you can pretty much wear any footwear with leggings. Heels will obviously make your legs look longer and leaner but equally a pair of flat pumps can look delicate and chic. Experiment and have fun with a few different styles.

Vera Moda Denim Leggings

Vero Moda Denim Leggings (, €14)

Humanoid Winter Leggings

Humanoid Winter Wool Leggings (, €33)

Embroidered leggings

Bebaroque Luxury Embroidered Leggings (, £109)

Falke Prisca Leggings

Falke Prisca Leggings (, £11)

Yours in style,

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Earlier this week I wrote a post about the And Mary range of jewellery that I discovered on In fact, I loved the range so much that I proceeded to order 2 of their necklaces, which Mr. Postman delivered to me this morning.

As expected, the necklaces are gorgeous – but that’s not the point of this blog post. No, the purpose of this post is to give a well-deserved pat on the back to logo

As it’s a relatively new website, you may not already be aware of them. Indeed, this was the first time that I’ve used the site myself and I’ve got to say that the whole experience was excellent.

  • Range: Clothes, bags, shoes and accessories with a young and fun feel.
  • Navigation: The website is well-laid out and easy to navigate.
  • Payment: Simple! All major cards are accepted and you also have the option of PayPal.
  • Delivery: I received my order within 48 hours, by courier no less! AND there was no extra charge for delivery.
  • Packaging: The items were exceptionally well packaged.
  • Goods: The goods were exactly as the pictures and descriptions on the website depicted. If anything, they’re nicer in real life.
  • Returns: Though I have no intention of returning my beautiful new necklaces, provided me with a return form, just in case.
  • Best of all: It’s a 100% Irish website, which is something that I’m always pleased and proud to support.

Value for money: 10/10

Yours in style,

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Web Awards Nominee

Great news! Style By Caroline has been nominated in two categories in the upcoming 2010 Irish Web Awards! We’re nominated in the best Small Business / SME Website and best Facebook page. Thanks to all who recommended us, and of course, to the Irish Web Awards for featuring us in their nominations list.


Packing a Suitcase

Today’s blog post is prompted by a great question from a Style By Caroline Facebook subscriber; how to pack lightly and efficiently for your holidays.

iStock_000004944610 (XS) Summer Beach Bag

I learned the art of packing in 2006, whilst on a 2-month adventure holiday which took me to far-flung destinations ranging in temperature from -10 oC to +35oC. As you can imagine, packing was a challenge, especially with only one rucksack and a 20kg airline luggage restriction! Nonetheless, thanks to pre-planning and artful organisation, I succeeded in living out of this rucksack for 2 months, whilst dressing appropriately for all weathers. How? Here’s how I started:


  • Climate: Know what to expect. Check the weather forecast at your holiday destination on-line. It’s worthwhile looking at the typical seasonal climate trends also.
  • Luggage restrictions: Check whether your airline has luggage restrictions. Some airlines are particularly generous with their luggage allowance, others are Ryanair. Be sure to take note also of the airline’s restricted or banned items.
  • Type of holiday: What activities have you planned? Will you be doing lots of walking, sports, leisure activities, or do you plan on being barefoot and in a bikini for the duration of your holiday?


  • Clothes: Only bring clothes with you that match the criteria above. You do not need a spare change of clothes for every day. Instead, plan your holiday wardrobe carefully and consider clothes that mix and match together well. Also, be careful that you choose fabrics that are travel-friendly (linen, for example, would be a curse to maintain on holidays as it wrinkles easily).
  • Thin layers: Don’t pack thick, chunky garments, even if you do expect the weather to be cool. Instead, bring lots of thin layers with you, which you can add and remove as necessary according to the weather conditions.
  • Undies: Unless you know that you will have access to laundry facilities, bring enough underwear to last you for the duration of the holiday.
  • Tights: Given the time of year, the weather can be changeable; hence I suggest that you pack plenty of tights. These can be worn under dresses, or even jeans and trousers for extra warmth.
  • Shoes: You will never need more than 3 pairs of shoes (that includes the pair that you’re wearing while travelling). I bring 1 x trainers (for sport and activities), 1 x smart-casual (for day-wear / shopping etc.) and 1 x glam pair (in a neutral colour to suit all outfits) for evening. If I’m travelling to a warm climate, I’ll substitute the smart-casual pair for flat comfy sandals.
  • Bags: You do not need 10 handbags! Limit yourself to 2 – one day-time and one small night-time bag. Bring your day-time bag with you as you travel, and use your night-time bag to store your jewellery.
  • Jewellery: Again, less is more. Bring a selected range with you that will mix and match well with your holiday wardrobe.


  • Suitcase: Buy the lightest suitcase/rucksack that you can find. This gives you more leeway for packing. Dunnes Stores offer a great range of suitcases (including ones that are small enough to use as carry-on luggage), starting from just €15. If you have room in your suitcase/rucksack, I suggest that you squeeze in a small knapsack or backpack, which is very useful if you plan on going on daytrips, excursions, picnics etc. whilst on your holidays.
  • Roll your clothes: If you roll up your clothes tightly, you’ll notice that they’ll take up far less space in your luggage than folding them.
  • Socks in shoes: Stuff your socks into your spare shoes. They’re only storing air otherwise!
  • Travel-sized items: Don’t bring full-sized items if travel-sized alternatives are available e.g. travel towels, travel-sized cosmetics, travel-sized hair-straightener etc.
  • Toiletries: Store your toiletries in a clear, plastic, leak-proof case.
  • Plastic bags: Great for storing dirty clothes, storing cosmetics and carrying bits and pieces on your holidays.
  • Jewellery: Store each piece of jewellery in individual sandwich bags – that way they won’t get tangled up.

Finally, I suggest that you wear the heaviest and bulkiest of your holiday wardrobe while traveling (e.g. trainers, coat etc.). This will save some room in your suitcase.

I’ll do a ‘capsule wardrobe’ post soon.

Yours in style,

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SBC on

All Style By Caroline blog posts are now featured in the ‘Chic Scoops’ section of

Chiconomics Logo

'And Mary' Jewellery

Whilst having a little browse through today, whereupon I stumbled across the And Mary jewellery line in their ‘new arrivals’ section. I think these vintage-inspired necklaces are gorgeous!

Mary Glasses Necklace

‘And Mary’ Glasses Necklace (€9.99)

And Mary Teacup

‘And Mary’ Pink Teacup Necklace (16.99)

And Mary Teapot

‘And Mary’ Turquoise Teapot Necklace (16.99)

And Mary Birdcage

‘And Mary’ Birdcage Necklace (€14.99)

And Mary Cameo

‘And Mary’ Lady Cameo Necklace (€17.99)

Yours in style,

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Jewellery Care

The following article is taken from Style by Caroline’s August 2010 e-newsletter. To subscribe to our monthly enewsletters, simply complete the subscription form at the bottom of this page.

Ryans Logo

Jewellery Care Advice from Ryan’s Jewelers:

  • Pearls: Never spray perfume near Pearls as it can discolour them. If you need to get them re-strung, request that the knots be put in between each pearl so if the string ever breaks, you won’t lose any pearls!
  • Stiff Necklets: Store them carefully – preferably in their original box – as if they get too curved they may break.
  • Diamonds: To get that sparkle back, use nice warm soapy water and a baby toothbrush to clean away any dirt.
  • Gold and Silver Jewellery: You can get a silver and gold polishing cloth that will bring back the sparkle onto your jewellery, but, don’t rub too harshly and never put silver into any liquid that isn’t made for cleaning silver (as some have acids that will strip the metal completely).
  • Cleaning of Precious Stones: Emeralds are a soft porous stone; do not immerse them in water over a period time as they may well crack! Sapphires and Rubies are harder wearing, but, equally, it’s not ideal to leave in water over time.
  • Gold / White Gold / Platinum and Palladium: Gold’s natural base is yellow and always will be, so white-based metals are mixed together to make white gold and a coating of a white rhodium plating is put over it to give it that ’shiny’ white look. It is this rhodium plating that wears over time (especially in a ring); however, the industry standard of rhodium plating is getting better! Platinum on the other hand, is a metal where nothing extra needs to be added to it – it is up to 10 times rarer than gold but is a very hard wearing metal and very suitable for setting diamonds. A new metal called Palladium which has just gained its industry standard hallmark, is a lighter metal than platinum but it is of the Platinum family so it remains white with wear and is also suitable for setting diamonds and excellent for Gents Wedding Bands.

Ryan’s Jewellers

44 Roches Street, Limerick.
Tel: 061-417828 | Web: | Facebook: Click here to follow

New Store Opening

Ryan’s Jewelers’ officially opened their newly-renovated store on Friday, 27th August 2010.

Ryans Jewellery

Yours in style,

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Savida Maxi Dress AW10

I was just browsing the Dunnes Stores website when I came across this gorgeous maxi dress (€60) from Savida, which is part of their upcoming Autumn-Winter 2010 collection.

Draped Maxi Dress

The new Savida collection looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it reaches stores.

Yours in style,

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Di Palomo Dry Oil

Anyone who follows my Facebook page will have seen me mention dry oils (non-greasy body moisturising oils) a couple of times lately – specifically, my quest to track down Roger & Gallet’s NEW Bois D’Orange Huile Sublime, which currently has Irish beauty editors in a spin. Apparently it smells delicious, and is extremely nourishing; however, I’ve yet to track it down, despite it apparently being available in 80 pharmacies throughout Ireland. If you know of any stockists, please do mention them in the comment box below! In the meantime, I’ve ordered a bottle from Amazon and I’ll post a review here when I eventually get to try it out.

Roger and Gallet

The elusive Bois D’Orange Huile Sublime, by Roger & Gallet

Whilst in pursuit of the elusive Bois D’Orange, I happened across a lone bottle of Di Palomo Sensual Dry Oil tucked away in a quiet corner of my local pharmacy.

Di Palomo Dry Oil

Di Palomo Sensual Dry Oil

Previous to this purchase, I had never heard of Di Palomo (and a subsequent Google search leads me to believe that it’s a well-kept secret) but I decided to buy it on a whim on the basis that the packaging looked pretty (this has been my downfall on many occasions) and it was priced at a very reasonable €13.99 for 100ml.

To my utmost surprise, this stuff is lovely!

  • Scent: I’m useless at scents. I couldn’t distinguish a top note from a bottom note, wood from floral, dry from crisp etc. However, the Di Palomo website depicts the fragrance as follows: “Fall in love with this modern oriental fragrance with a powdery amber background. Top notes of bergamot, neroli and cassis with a hint of black pepper and coffee. Middle notes of jasmin, rose and dianthus. Base notes are warm and sensual with a blend of musk, amber and vanilla.” This of course means nothing to me, but you might have better nasal qualities than I! All in all, what matters to me is whether it smells nice, and yes, to me, it does. It’s a gentle scent which smells even nicer after a few hours. *Do bear in mind that fragrance is very much a personal thing so what I like, you might hate.
  • Ingredients: There’s no ingredients list on the bottle, suffice to say that it contains jojoba oil and vitamin E.
  • Wearability: A little spritz of this goes a long way. It dries almost instantly and moisturises beautifully.

All in all, a good success I reckon. I’d be curious to see has anyone else tried (or even heard of) Di Palomo? Likewise, do you use dry oils, and if so, do you have a favourite brand?

Yours in style,

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Fall: What to Wear

September is a funny time of year for clothes and I find myself facing an almost daily dilemma of what to wear – principally because the weather is so changeable.

  • The days are warm, yet the evenings are teeth-chatteringly cold….
  • A sudden rain-shower can spring out of nowhere, as can a chill wind….
  • The shops are full of Winter woolies however it’s too humid to wear them….
  • Our Summer holiday clothes seem a little garish in the soft Autumn light, but dark colours look too stark….

What is a girl to do eh?

Alas I’m not able to control the weather; however, I do have a few ‘transition tricks’ up my sleeve, which hopefully will keep you going over the next few weeks.

  1. Layering: The easiest way to prepare for all weather eventualities is to don a few fine layers of clothing. This way you can add and remove garments as necessary.
  2. Mac: Invest in a Mac jacket, which will shield you against Autumnal wind and rain, yet is still compact enough to squeeze into your bag when the sun comes out.
  3. Cardigans: Your summer dresses may be too light to wear on their own at this time of year, so, invest in a few light cardigans to wear over them.
  4. Cotton scarves: Many summer garments have low necklines, which can be a little draughty in Autumn. Invest in a few light cotton scarves that you can casually knot over your décolleté.
  5. Long-sleeve tops: One of the easiest ways to transition tops and dresses from Summer to Autumn is to wear long-sleeve tops underneath them.
  6. Tights & leggings: My legs have gone into hibernation now that the weather is getting cooler. However, that’s not to say that they have gone into hiding! Wearing tights or leggings under your Summer skirts and dresses, is a great way of getting a few extra weeks wear out of them!

If you have any top tips on how to extend the life of your Summer wardrobe into Fall, please do let us know in the comment box below!

Yours in style,

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AW10: Hair & Make-up


  • Classic Inspirations: There are no pioneering looks this season, rather we have reinventions of classic styles. The emphasis is on structured, stylized and glossy locks.
  • Ponytail: This may sound like an easy style; however, it can be a little tricky to execute. The ponytail must be high, full, thick glossy and exceptionally neat, without so much as one hair out of place!

  • Flick: This look harks back to the days of Charlie’s Angels. A soft, outward flick around the frame of the face is relatively easy to create and will suit most face shapes. To create the flick, use either heated rollers or a round brush and a hot hairdryer.

  • Poker Straight: Hair straighteners have been out of favour for the past few seasons; however, they’re back with a bang! To create this look perfectly, the hair must look flat, without being limp. Plus it must look sharp and shiny so no split or raggedy ends!

Woman combing hairs


  • Minimalism: This is a clean and polished look. Have one focal feature such as smoky eyes or a bold lip.
  • 1950s: In a nutshell, this look embraces red lipstick (matte or glossy), winged eyeliner and lashings of mascara! Add a 21st-century twist to your eye-liner with a fish-tail finish (a flick with a 2-pronged finish).
  • Grunge: In contrast to minimalism, this look favours strong lips and eyes. In terms lips, go for berry tones. You may prefer to go for a nude colour lipstick, with a coat of gloss, which will work too. For eyes, colours such as mink, khaki, brown, toffee, caramel, gold and rust are popular, with a mandatory sweep of eyeliner on the upper lash line and waterline.

  • Alpine: You couldn’t get a more different look t o Grunge than Alpine. Alpine is all about achieving a clean-living, fresh-faced healthy glow. Go for a luminous foundation to achieve dewy skin. Choose a light pink shade of blush, nude or pink on the lips and shimmery or pearlescent shades on the eyes such as pinks and silvers.


Alpine Beauty: Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette

  • Understated eye-lashes: Finally, many catwalk shows shunned the heavy ‘lashes look’ for AW10. Be light-handed with your mascara, or dare to go bare for the most fashionable finish!

Yours in style,

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AW10: 10 Key Pieces

In our Top 5 Key Themes for Autumn-Winter 2010 post, we highlighted the fact that this season’s trends are nothing if not diverse, which, on a positive note, means that there’s bound to be something that matches your taste!

I strongly advise my clients not to buy every trend that hits the high street this season. Embrace the fashion trends by incorporating one or two key pieces that will have you looking up to date, without screaming ‘fashion victim’.

All the items featured in this post are from designer website, Net à Porter.


Capes: Not just the preserve of cartoon superheros! Capes are everywhere this season, and are a fabulous alternative to a Winter coat. Example: Matthew Williamson Poncho (€923.52):

Matthew Williamson Poncho 923.52 Flying Jackets: Aviation fashion from the 50s is very much in season right now, and the lynchpin of this look is the flying jacket. These cozy jackets are have a leather exterior and a shearling interior. I’m guessing that they will be a huge hit in our not-so-temperate Irish climate! Example: Helmut Lang Shearling Jacket (€1,000):

Helmut Lang Shearling Jacket

Skirts: Sticking with the 50s theme, full and flared skirts from the dance-hall days of yore are hugely popular this season. Elsewhere, tulip, peplum, wrap-around, cross-over, A-line, gathered, pleated and straight-styles – of every length – are also very popular. Example: Burbury Crossover Skirt (€395):

Burbury Cross-Over 395.00

“City” Maxi-Dresses: Maxi dresses were everywhere this Summer and this popular trend is carrying forward into the Winter. You’ll notice that this season’s maxi dresses have evolved into a more clean and chic style (dubbed “city style”) and are more structured than their bohemian predecessors. If you’re unsure as to what style suits your shape best, why not check out Style By Caroline’s Guide for ‘Dressing to the Maxi’. Example: Rick Owens Lillies Wool-Jersey Maxi-Dress (€370):

Rick Owens Lillies

Leather Leggings: I’m blaming Elle McPhearson of Britain’s Next Top Model Season 6 for bringing this look back into fashion. Not for the faint-hearted, this look can be unforgiving not to mind hot to wear. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to try it, there will be plenty of options on the high street soon. Example: Helmut Lang Leather Leggings (€855):

Helmut Lang Leather leggings

Blouses: Romance is alive and well, with this season demonstrating a huge amount of love for feminine blouses. If you’re slim on top, then go for broke on embellishments such as frills, bows, colours and patterns. Stick to plain styles if you’re bigger or bustier on top. Example: A.P.C Polkadot silk blouse €190:

APC Polkadot Silk Blouse

Woolly Jumper: This season designers are enjoying a tryst with Alpine influences, in particular knitted jumpers. Cable knit is particularly popular. Example: Michael Kors Mohair & Wool-Blend Sweater Dress (€838.45):

Michael Kors Wool Dress 838.45

Footwear: Boots dominate this season’s footwear trends; shoe boots, fur and fur-lined boots, over-the-knee boot and lace-up boots amongst most popular styles. Wedge styles (boots and shoes) continue their reign of popularity, but this season it’s all about architectural styles e.g. curves, stacked heels and cutouts. Elsewhere, the platforms and heels are getting higher this season, but those who hate high heels will be pleased to see that kitten heels and chunky heels are also making a comeback. Example: Roberto Cavalli Fur-lined Boots (€1,245.53):

Roberto Cavalli Fur-lined boots 1245.53

Handbags: Continuing with the retro theme, you’ll notice that ‘granny bags’ are very popular this season – look out for the trademark boxy shape, short handles and envelope fastening. Popular fabrics include; crocodile skin, tweed, fur, brocade and leather. Example: Phillip Lim Convertible Iridescent Leather Bag (€431.38):

Phillip Lim Convertible Leather 431.38

Jewellery: Again, older styles are popular when it comes to jewellery e.g. chunky styles, gold (including rose gold), brooches, chandelier earrings, knuckle-duster rings, stacked rings etc. Example: Michael Kors Rose Gold-Plated Chronograph Watch (€315.94):

Michael Kors Rose Gold-Plated Chronograph Watch

Hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the fashion trends for this season. I certainly enjoyed putting it together! As mentioned at the beginning of this post, all items featured are designer garments from Net à Porter; however, if they are a little beyone your budget – as they are mine – don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of High Street versions hitting your local stores from this month onwards.

In the meantime, I’m going to daydream that I can afford the above!

Yours in style,

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AW10: Top 5 Themes

I have great confidence in Autumn-Winter 2010 trends and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the designer looks replicated on the High Street.

Why the unabashed enthusiasm? Well, the reason is that the trends this season are very diverse, unlike last year’s 80s overload for example. No matter whether you are a classic, romantic, rebellious or vintage dresser, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

Here are my Top 5 Key Looks:

  • Minimalism: This is a back-to-basics trend, incorporating classic, exquisitely-cut pieces with a timeless quality.
  • 1950s: Just picture the fabulous ‘dance hall’ scene in the film musical Grease, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate why Fashion is showing a fancy for wide, full-circle skirts! You’ll also notice 1950s aviation chic hitting the high street soon (think Katherine Hepburn – wide-leg trousers, buttoned up shirts, flying jackets etc).
  • Alpine: This ‘Christmas Card Chic’ look embraces all things cozy. Alpine influences such as chunky cable knits, shearling/sheepskin jackets and gilets, leg warmers, fur-lined boots and leather accessories are everywhere this season.
  • Grunge: Noughties grunge is a lot more glam than the original nineties grunge. You could almost call it ‘glunge’! The fabrics are soft and luxurious (silk, velvet, cashmere etc.), however the look is hardened with deliberate clashing e.g. an oversized jumper paired with a long, elegant skirt. Muted colours, biker boots, studded jewellery and a hefty dollop of attitude complete this look.
  • Romance: Romance has carried over from last season. Look out for whimsical frills, flounces, ruffles and bows.

1950s style is on trend for AW10Grease_Wallpaper_4_800Grease is the word…when it comes to wide-circle skirts!

I will do separate posts soon on key wardrobe pieces, plus hair and make-up looks for this season.

Yours in style,

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