Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion Trends for SS10

Fashion Quizmaster:
"Caroline, describe Spring Summer 2010 fashions' in 5 words."
"Romantic, playful, flirtatious, glamorous and bold."
Fashion Quizmaster:
"Ding ding ding, you are correct."
"Can I have a star in my copybook please?"
Fashion Quizmaster:
"No, you are at least 20 years too old for stars and anyway I am a figment of your imagination. Get blogging will you and stop trying to be clever!"

Harsh eh. Gosh, Fictitious Fashion Quizmaster is no fun. Thankfully, SS10 is lots of fun - wait til you see what trends lie in store!

Predominant themes: Elle Magazine summarised the overriding themes perfectly; “flou and flirtatious”! Romance and 60s Trompe L’Oeil dominate; by stark contrast however there’s also a newfangled fusion of military and tribal...figure that one out!

Sporty Chic: In contrast to the romantic influences dominating the SS10 collections, there is a dissident luxe-sportswear movement in evidence too. Tennis, golf, soccer and dance uniforms influence this season’s fashion in the form of pleated skirts, cropped pants, hot pants, sweat pants, hoodies and crop tops.

Pretty fabrics: Soft and feminine with an ethereal or vintage feel. Popular fabrics include; crochet, lace, sparkle, tulle, jersey which of course you will prettify further with ribbons, bows and There’s also lots and lots of sheer fabric about. In-keeping with the romantic theme, you’ll see lots of flounces, folds and draping too.

Prints: Bold prints (particularly trousers) are very much en vogue. Expect to see plenty of tribal and ethnic prints on the rails very soon.

All-in-one ensembles: They were very much in fashion last season and they’re back again, albeit with shorter hems and brighter colours. I’m talking about all-in-one numbers i.e. jumpsuits and playsuits!

Borrow Your Boyfriend’s: Boy shorts and boyfriend blazers are all over the place. Make sure to balance out the square masculine look with feminine accessories.

Jeans: Ah the poor crathurs are in an awful way this season - distressed, torn, ripped, patched and faded. You’d feel sorry for them.

Underwear: Defying it’s very name, underwear is very much on show this season, starting with visible bra straps (have a look at the fantastic if your bras need a creative lift!). New this season also are ‘hotpantaloons’ which are described as bottom-revealing bloomers (in lace of course). Elsewhere, knee-high and over-the-knee socks will be huge.

Swimwear: Like underwear, swimwear seems to be tiny this season. I won’t go on any further; it’s simply too cold to bear thinking about baring!

With that, I'm off to destroy all my leftover sequins and shoulderpads from AW09! Here's to a fun, frivolous and fantastic fashion season ahead.

Yours in style,

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