Monday, January 18, 2010

Hairdressing Infidelity

Today I cheated on my My Lovely Hairdresser. And I feel wretched.

Before I fill you in on the whole sorry saga, let me first of all tell you a bit about My Lovely Hairdresser. As her name suggests, she is very lovely. Not only is she a dab hand with a scissors, crucially she gets the balance right between "chatting time" and "OK! Magazine time", plus she serves fancy biscuits with the tea. See, lovely.

However, today I strayed. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I went to the hair salon down the road. Oh the guilt!

In typical cheater fashion, I'm quick to defend my infidelity (eh,ease my guilt) with an excuse; My Lovely Hairdresser doesn't work on Mondays and I needed my tresses tending to in advance of an important day tomorrow (more of that anon).

I'll even be honest and say that I quite enjoyed The Other Salon. Nice décor...check, soothing music...check, tea & biscuits...check, massage chairs...check, sudsy shampoo...check.

Yet, I have a gnawing feeling in my stomach since that won't go away. What will I say to My Lovely Hairdresser the next time I see her? "The Other Salon meant nothing to me"..."It will never happen again"...I could deny the whole thing...except that my hair is 4 inches shorter and a visibly different style.

Will My Lovely Hairdresser take me back I wonder? If she does, will things ever be the same again?

Yours in shame,

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