Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair Trends for SS10

Like this season’s style trends (see upcoming post), the hair trends for Spring-Summer 2010 are whimsical, romantic and verrry verrrry feminine (apart from a glaring grungy gel look, but more of that later).

Having scouted the catwalks, here are the Top 5 most fashionable looks:

  • Long, straight hair: This look is sleek, glossy and oh-so-healthy looking. Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock (pictured below) sported this look with aplomb at last night’s People’s Choice Awards in LA.

  • Long, wavy hair (side parting): This style sounds deceptively easy; in actual fact, it can be difficult to achieve a balance between waves and curls, likewise waves and frizz! Similarly it can be challenging to maintain this look. Nonetheless, if you do wish to try it out, arm yourself with a can of hairspray and good large rollers. Look at how well Penelope Cruz carried off this look at the New York premiere of Nine (pictured below).

  • Plaits / braids: I don’t think I’ve worn a plait since primary school, but having seen the relaxed side plaits sported on the runways, I’m tempted to give plaits another try. The key to getting this look right is to ensure that the plait is ‘strategically messy’ i.e. it shouldn’t be too neat, but it must not be downright raggy either. Wear with a side parting.
  • Classic Updos: Think soft chignons and sleek twists. Very Jackie O / Audrey Hepburn. The look is gentle, feminine and chic.
  • Slicked-back hair: Ooooh, I’m not too sure about this one. Basically, you take a dollop of gel and work it through the hair for a slicked-back wet look. It’s very hard to wear though as you could very easily look like you haven’t washed your hair for a fortnight!
As for accessories, the following items will be all over the high street shortly:

  • Minnie Mouse hair bows: Thank/blame Lady Gaga for this trend. Since Cheryl Cole wore a super-sized bow on X Factor last November, the fashion mags have been going mad for them.
  • Feather headbands: In as many colours and sizes as you can imagine!
  • Ribbons: Chic made simple. Buy a roll of ribbon from your local draper supplies store or haberdashery for tuppence and make your own simple band to suit your outfit.
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