Friday, January 22, 2010

To Layer or not to Layer?

Last week I told you about my recent hairdressing infidelity.

Today, I have an even bigger confession resulting from last week's choppage; after 15 years, I finally bid adieu to my 'layers'*.

*Cue dropping of jaws and gasps of disbelief from the hairdressing fraternity.

The verdict: I wish I did it 14 years ago!

Let me take you all the way back to 1995, when 'The Rachel' was in fashion. Oh you were at nothing unless you were sporting Jennifer Aniston's sleek, bouncy 'do. Shur didn't it look so easy and healthy and altogether lovely!

So of course, where Jennifer Aniston led, I (and half the country) blindly followed. Bye-bye lovely, controllable locks; hello frizzy unmanageable shock. And what a shock it was indeed at 14 years of age to realise that the sleek, bouncy 'do ain't so easy to do after all - especially when one has thick, course, unruly hair like I. Oh the folly of youth.

So, what caused the frizz I hear you say? Twas those darned layers. Coarse hair + short layers = hard-to-manage hair. The layers were simply too light to keep in check - my hair needs weight and length to keep it quiet.

So, for the last 15 years, I fought the frizz with an artilliary of ceramic straighteners, leave-in conditioners, straightening serums...even a household iron at some stage. Adding to my woes was the rainy Irish climate; every time I set foot outside the front door I required several scarves and industrial-strength umbrellas to shield the mane from the rain.

So what eventually convinced me to get rid of the layers?

A fortnight ago I misplaced my hair straightener; as a result, my hair went into a state of frizzy delerium. Finally I snapped: "that's it, I'm not putting up with this any more", and so, last Monday, I instructed a gobsmacked hairdresser to "cut it all off". Thankfully, instead of my drastic plan, she rather more reasonably suggested that I cut it all one length.

The results were astounding. Overall, I lost 4" in length, but I have gained FREEDOM, and at least an extra 2 hours in the week! I can't believe how easy it is to manage - I'm like a walking "Wash and Go" advertisement! While my hair isn't poker straight, it is full, healthy and dare I say bouncy, with minimal frizz. I'm quite simply amazed.

Admittedly, an equi-length hairstyle ain't the most exciting look in the world, but I'm happy to live I can jazz it up easily with accessories and colour. A satisfactory trade off I think.

Yours in style,

Tune in later this week for my top tips on fighting the frizz.

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