Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Plain Sale-ing

This article was printed in my most recent Style By Caroline enewsletter. The advice is quite handy and timely, given that the Christmas Sales are cranking up with gusto. You can subscribe to Style by Caroline enewsletters on http://www.stylebycaroline.ie/.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
Although I'm taking Roy Keane's quote out of context here, the sentiment is the same. Ever before you hit the shops, make a list of items that you actually need and take this list with you on your sale expedition.

The early bird catches the bargain
Sales mania is a horrible; all that pushing, shoving, disorder and heat makes for a most unpleasant shopping experience. Get to town early when bedlam is still in bed and you can shop in relative peace.

Dress appropriately
Wear comfortable footwear (preferably flat) and don't wear garments that have loads of buttons/fastenings. You'll quickly tire of changing rooms if you have to unfasten/refasten 10 buttons every time you want to try on an item.

Look for quality, not quantity
There is no better feeling than that of being laden down with shopping bags. There is no worse feeling of looking at a wardrobe packed with garments, yet you can't find anything to wear. Don't get carried away with impulse purchasing at the sales; only invest in classic items that are of good quality, well-cut and have no shop damage.

Try before you buy
Even though the queue for the changing room may be a mile long, make sure that you try on every garment that you intend purchasing. It may look good on the hangar but not on you.

A bargain isn't a bargain unless you really need it
Don't convince yourself that you really need something just because it has a "75% off" tag. Only purchase items that you really need.

Heed the conditions of sale
Before you purchase an item, make yourself aware of the retailer's conditions of sale. For example, most stores will not accept returns of sale goods.

Happy shopping!

Yours in style,

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